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Set after the Golden Age of Azenthia, the world of Rhen finds itself in a time of crumbling empires, fickle lords and interior politics. The once great nation of Azenthia is now protected only by the oaths sworn by a God-King centuries ago, and members of every race and creed struggle for a spot of supremacy amongst the populace. It is from within this cacophony that you find yourselves a ragtag group of adventurers forced into action by circumstance. As Dwarves and Gnome, will you make your mark on Karaz and the world at large? Or will you fall to the obstacles that lie in wait for unwitting heroes? Only time will tell.

To get started, take a look at the wiki, or have a glance at the characters page and get started transcribing your characters to the online portal.

Black Orc Down

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