Leon Kroagar

  • Ability Modifiers: +2 Con -2 Cha
  • Speed Modifier: 20 ft

Weight: 190 lb

    • Languages
      • Abyssal, Common, Dwarven
    • Dark Vision
Important Stuff:
    • MAX: 26

EXP: 8200

Important Stuff:
  • STR: 16, +3
  • DEX: 10, +0
  • CON: 12, +1
  • INT: 12, +1
  • WIS: 16, +3
  • CHA: 10, +0
  • Fortitude(Con): +5 +4 +1
  • Reflex (Dex): +1 +1
  • Will (Wis): +7 +4 +3
  • Combat Casting: +4 bonus on Concentration while on the Defensive, grappled or pinned
  • Quick Draw: Does not take a full round action drawing a weapon.

Grapple Mod: +6 Base: +3 STR mod: +3

AC: 18 10 Armour Bonus: +5 Shield Bonus: +2 Dex Mod Size Mod Natural Armour Deflection Mod Misc

Skill Block:
  • Appraise INT 1 Autohypnosis WIS Balance DEX 0 Bluff CHA 0 Climb STR 2 Concentrate CON 11 +10 +1 Craft 1 INT 1 Craft 2 INT 1 Craft 3 INT 1 Decipher Script INT 1 Diplomacy CHA 4 +4 Disable Device INT 1 Disguise CHA 0 Escape Artist DEX 0 Forgery INT 1 Gather Info CHA 0 Handle Animal CHA 0 Heal WIS 3 Hide DEX 0 Intimidate CHA 0 Jump STR -4 Knowledge (Arcane) INT Knowledge (Engineering) INT Knowledge (Dungeneering) INT Knowledge (Geography) INT Knowledge (History) INT 2 Knowledge (Local) INT Knowledge (Nature) INT Knowledge (Nobility) INT Knowledge (The Planes) INT 5 Knowledge (Psionics) INT Knowledge (Religion) INT 3 Listen WIS 3 Move Silently DEX 0 Open Lock DEX 0 Perform (Act) CHA 0 Perform (Comedy) CHA 0 Perform (Dance) CHA 0 Perform (Keyboard) CHA 0 Perform (Oratory) CHA 0 Perform (Percussion) CHA 0 Perform (Strings) CHA 0 Perform (Winds) CHA 0 Perform (Sing) CHA 0 Profession 1 WIS 3 Profession 2 WIS 3 Psicraft INT 1 Ride DEX 0 Search INT 1 Sense Motive WIS 3 Sleight of Hand DEX 0 Spot WIS 3 Survival WIS 3 Swim STR 2 Tumble DEX 0 Use Magic Device CHA 0 Use Psionic Device CHA 0 Use Rope DEX 0 Spell Craft INT 1


Skill Points per Lvl: 2 + Int

Weapon/Armour/Shield Proficiency: All Armours, All Simple Weapons, Dwarven, No Tower Shields

  • Inventory
    • Dwarven Waraxe 8 lb, Heavy Crossbow 8 lb, Moragmar Armour 60 lb, Heavy Wooden Shield 10 lb, Bolts x 47 5 lb, Backpack 2 lb, Bedroll 5 lb, Blanket 3 lb, Fish Hook, Flint and Steel, Lamp 1 lb, Rations x 9 9 lb, Waterskin x 2 8 lb, Spell Component Pouch 2 lb, Spell Book 3 lb,50 gp, Sling, Magic Dagger,
    • Total Weight: 124 lb

Dwarven Waraxe: +4 1d10 20×3 n/a 1h Heavy Crossbow: +1 1d10 19-20×2 120ft 2h Get Rid of Shield

Moragmar Armour: Max Dex:+1 Armour Check Penalty:-6 Weight:60 lb Heavy Wooden Shield: Max Dex:0 Armour Check Penalty:-1 Weight:10 lb

Carrying Capacity: Light Load: <66 Med Load: 67-133 Heavy Load: 134-200

Spells Per Day:

O-Level: unlimited 1-Level: 4+1 2-Level: 3+1

Cure Light Wounds: D8+1/level Sanctuary: Cannot attack or be attacked Magic Stone: 3 +1 rocks Cure Moderate Wounds: 2D8+1/level Inflict Moderate Wounds: 2D8+1/level 25+5/2 levels

  • Biography

Leon is a strong believer in his religion, law and his friends, willing to fight for them when need be. His belief in his god, Moradin, has connected Leon strongly to the earth and emphasises his need to protect others. Leon would die in order to protect the lives of his friends. Leon’s belief in justice and law causes him to strive for the best course of action and will often attempt to take the more reasonable approach when possible. Being of the Kroagar clan, Leon is partially related to the Korag family, who are of high prestige in Dwarven society. Leon has a fear of abyssal tendrils.

  • Leon’s Caretaker/Master

Leon Kroagar was born in the major Dwarven metropolis, Karaz, and at an early age was given to Vel Mroag, a Master of Archives within the Order of Moradin, specialising in the planes. Leon lived the majority of his childhood and adolescence under the strenuous learning of his Master, inheriting his strong belief in religion and the upholding of the law. Vel Mroag was a highly regarded noble within the Karaz society, positioned closely to the royal court in matters regarding his trade. Towards the final years of Leon’s study under his Master, Vel Mroag succumbed to the disease Mindfire, dying premature to Leon’s graduation from his education.

  • Siblings
Leon Kroagar has eight siblings – three of which are younger. In order of oldest;
  • [Herod] Keeps in Touch
  • [Wathe] Crippled
  • [Diana] Keeps in Touch
  • [Rustin] Lost Touch
  • [Gesal] Lost Touch
  • [Inron] Hates Me
  • [Bartholomew] Cursed
  • [Ernst] Suffered from the Addiction of Bard’s Reed

Siblings Wathe, Bartholomew and Herod, underwent a long travel throughout the areas north to Karaz. On their travel, Bartholomew encountered an abyssal tendril entrance within an ice cave eroded by the eastern ocean. While Wathe and Herod dismissed this site, Bartholomew frequently returned to the site, becoming corrupted over time and increasingly insane. Bartholomew, unknowingly to Herod and Wathe, disbanded his brothers, becoming a shrew within the ice cave. Wathe and Herod travelled further, until Wathe was crippled in a misfortunate event. Returning home, Wathe, Diana and Herod moved to the outskirts of Karaz, taking leave of their family bloc to lead a simple yet noble life. Inron and Ernst became involved within the criminal world. Ernst developed an addiction for Bard’s Reed while involved in illegally selling drugs with Inron. Inron, was severely jealous of Leon’s acceptance by Master Vel, having being also considered for education. Over years of jealousy, Inron has grown to hate Leon.

  • Personal Events

During his time under the education of Master Vel Mroag, Leon Kroagar developed a serious relationship with Valarie Geldspar. The relationship lasted 10 months. With the death of his Master, Leon inherited a large sum of money. During this time, he gained some fame for himself amongst parts of Karaz. Using some of his inheritance, Leon bought himself a pet Rock Frog, which he is strongly attached to. With his fame growing more so, Leon was tracked down by some corrupt officials of the Order of Moradin, insisting Vel Mroag had large unpaid dues to the Order. A large portion of Leon’s money was taken forcibly in compensation. Using his remaining money, Leon underwent two months of travel throughout the surrounding region of Karaz. Towards the end of his travels, Leon Kroagar was reunited with Bartholomew, and brought the insane sibling back to Karaz. Bartholomew was then placed in Karesh Asylum beneath the earth away from Karaz.

Leon Kroagar

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