Black Orc Down

A Very Poor Decision

That was probably a big mistake...

  • Time passed in-game: About 2 weeks

After emerging from the mines, the players found most of the populace of Karaz inhabiting the Miners’ Level, forced into by the Grimlocks on the floors above. The players explored the masses here and were quickly directed towards a tent housing Darzun Ryzar and Varz Kroag, as well as some warriors from both the Civil Militia and the Moragmar. The players were able to mediate a discussion between the two parties, managing to convince the Moragmar to assist in taking back the Commoners’ Level so that they could gain access to more supplies before beginning their ascent. The players met a few traders in the lower quarters, most notably Twiddle-Thumb Hucksberry Soft-Sneeze Zyarbak III: a Gnomish trader with an interest in the legendary Korag Hammer, and Marx Veinar, an armourer who presented his son’s suit of Moragmar armour to Leon Kroagar to assist in his journeys.

The party took back the Commoners’ Level, defeating a clay Golem and getting a stern talking-to from Darzun in the process. They then led the Moragmar to the armoury through a back entrance before losing their sway over them and seeing them leave to continue the fight to the Nobles’ Floor. They also journeyed into the treasury to rescue the Royal Crown. After reclaiming it, Dwobo convinced Leon and Theo to let him take a Gnomic Eyepiece. Looking through this Gnomic eyepiece, the party discovered a large and very secret door. After returning the crown, the party returned to the treasury in order to find a large, red dragon egg. They decided to leave it in the treasury for now, but later told Darzun of their discovery.

On the Great Bazaar, the Traders’ Level, the players encountered a group of Karaz Guard led by Shen Dordarz and helped them stave off hordes of Grimlocks. With Shen’s thanks, the party and their cohort led the charge to the Nobles’ Level, finding the remaining Moragmar and saving Erik Korag, Ven Maruthro and Darzan Dordin.

The players then joined forces with the most significant members of their entourage as the other warriors cleared the level of Grimlocks. Taking the fight to the throne room, the players encountered Edvar Varum. Upon his defeat it was revealed that he was a Doppelganger with the mark of a Red Wizard seared into his flesh. The players relived him of his dagger, cloak and glove, all of exotic nature.

Now, the players sit in a private meeting room in the back of The Iron Hammer with Darzun Ryzar, who wishes to discuss the events of the previous few days with his new found friends, especially Theomarche Isonhorte, whom he has built a very strong bond with. It is here that the game resumes



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