Black Orc Down

The Long Road to Nowhere

We're not in Karaz anymore

Last time you found yourselves sitting face to face with Darzun Ryazar as he lectured you on the foolishness of stealing from the doppelganger. On Darzun’s Request, you sought out the help of Seul Gygax, a hermit living in sunder valley below. On his suggestion you allied yourselves with Erik Korag in the quest for Kingship, mediating the problem of the Grimlocks by negotiating with Rroland, Convincing the trader family Berken to join Erik’s side by promising them free trade of Noble only goods, activating the Gelding hammer and installing within it a Geus to stop regicide, gaining the support of the commoners by defeating a spider nest, and drawing blood from the Dragon egg for said spell with the help of Ben Mroag, a Karaz born, Tiber localised dragon slayer.

After solidifying support of Erik in Karaz, you sledded for Seul to transport you to Orhm with some timber from a very shady looking Mossbeard. There you assisted Orhm with the problem of a rogue lieutenant, mediating the problem, driven by his hometown’s inability to pay taxes, eventually getting the town of Razzle a tax exemption for the year, and allowing the lieutenant to face a tribunal to decide his fate, though not without Orhm’s promise that he would attempt to sway the decision.

After finally watching the corronation of Erik Korag, you and your allies in Karaz rejoiced in the Commoner’s Tavern, regaling the tales of your exploits until the early hours of the morning. To prevent you from stumbling through the back alleys of Karaz at night, the management offered you a room, free of charge, for the night. it is in this room that you awake, around noon, to begin your grand quest to Azenthia in order to find a way to unbind yourselves from the curse the Red Wizard has bestowed on you.

In addition, you have promised that you will escort Huckleberry Soft-Sneeze Zyarbak III down the mountain when you leave.

*The books in your possession are – The Aramaque, The trouble with Orcs, On Elves, and On Dragons, by Ben Mroag



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